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In Memory of 




July 4, 1976 - June 2012
This page is dedicated to 
Born on 
Fourth of July
He had a full career of rope horse, 
pleasure horse and trail horse.
And ... most importantly, 
a teacher, of kindness and patience to kids.  
We know he has been the most loved & remembered lesson horse at 
Lazy S Ranch Riding School.
An update on Firecracker 6-2012:
Firecracker is still remembered as the "Ranch Mascot"
With a note often attached to his forelock reading:
"My name is Firecracker. I am supposed to be loose!
If you see me in trouble, tell Tia"

In his "loose" years, he had not gotten into any trouble.
He returned to his open door stall for shelter, 
and at feeding time, for his special blend of feed .
He quietly visited his friends and took naps 
in the shade on the lawns.
He learned that by joining the lessons horses at the hitch rack,
when they were getting groomed, he also got grooming.
His health and general condition was amazing 
for a horse his age, 
even at the end.
His heart was strong, but his almost 36 years caught up. 
We like to think he lived so long because of the LOVE 
We will never forget Firecracker but we might soon amend this page.
The young man riding firecracker is now 16 years old and 6' 2" tall.
We are sure he will never forget Firecracker either.